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225 Collingwood FC Canzoni & amp; Calcio Chants

Squadra di calcio della AFL, Australia

16417 We're Collingwood coz we are the greatest
16647 Scott Pendlebury the next captain
17228 Black and White Army when playing those tw*ts in yellow n black!
17442 Who's That Team? A great song
17655 We All Follow the Magpies! explains itself
18310 F*#Kin Dynamite When we're smahing it home...
18605 Super Alan Didak the great Alan Didak
18822 Empty Seats a song for Melbourne and others with poor support
18901 You Wish You Had Paul Medhurst Paul Medhurst
19035 Take Me Home Pies classic
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19378 Cashed Up a reminder that we are above all else!
19595 Are You Melbourne in Disguise? when we're smashing a team!
19814 Ever Seen Freo Win the League? sung for the Freo scum!
20960 Neon Leon superstar
21264 Alan Didak Walks on Water Didak, love him
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